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A Revolutionary New Way to Research

100 million information resources including books, Journal and magazine articles, maps, and much more. Thousands of subjects and topics. Every country, and more than 100 languages. No ads.

With just a few clicks, our “Academic Search Engine” can drill
down to exactly what you need by following these simple steps:

1. Enter any search term, such as a subject or topic. Click search.

2. Too many search results? Click on the “Refine your search” button.
You will get a list of keyword clues. Select one of them
and your search results will become much more precise.

Under each sub-topic you can repeat Step 2 to become even more precise until there is a manageable number of search results left.

Research is easy and exciting at edu.Global



Using traditional search engines, researchers, students, faculties, journalists and the general public have difficulty finding quality research results.

This is because the ad-driven results from mainstream search engines are often repetitive, misleading and overwhelmingly bloated, making them too tedious to search through.



We have developed a proprietary research engine, which, unlike traditional search engines, with just a few mouse clicks and in a matter of seconds, allows anyone to zero in quickly on exactly what is sought.

Available anytime, anywhere, we are becoming the trusted research tool for students, researchers and professionals alike.