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Libraries, schools and societies benefits

Any organization that has members, guests or clients wanting to discover specific information can benefit immeasurably from our revolutionary new online search tool developed by researchers for researchers.

Traditional search engines have a number drawbacks that make them unsuitable for serious research, whether your purpose is to find academic papers and articles, to explore the range of knowledge about a particular topic or to uncover details pertinent to a specific hobby, person, place or interest.

Traditional search engines are ad-driven and often contain multiple duplicates and misleading results —not to mention that they also usually track your searches on behalf of third parties. The sheer volume of such a muddled morass of often millions of mostly useless results can make the search process daunting and far less effective than it needs to be.

Our proprietary search engine, by contrast, is a multi-layered indexed tool that speedily and intelligently accesses over 33 million books, 9 million maps and images, billions of genealogical records, textbooks, videos and audio recordings as well as over 7 million articles in 13,000 journals from all countries and nationalities in over 100 languages, ranging from ancient writings to articles published last week.

Including sources unknown to other search engines and many hosted only by ourselves, our database of records is growing daily.

Not only can our subscribers download the vast majority of research resources at no charge, our unique layered-index search tool makes it possible to zero in on what you are looking for within just a few minutes.

Our refined search engine tool filters out results that clog up traditional search engines (ads, hate literature, pornography, for example) allowing anyone to type in any noun to access layered sub-menus that increasingly refine the search to pinpoint exactly what is sought.

Since time is the most valuable non-renewable resource of all, searchers using edu.Global will value highly our ability to deliver complete and precise results with just a few mouse clicks instead of endless scrolling and retyping of search refinements.

By subscribing to our edu.Global service, institutions such as libraries, schools, associations and clubs can become destination information hubs offering their members, guests or clients a truly efficient, professional and user-friendly portal to the world’s knowledge contained in online records.

To arrange for a FREE TRIAL contact us in the United States and Canada Toll-Free at 1-877-307-5599, or email us at