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Share Your Work with the World
Cooperation -- we all win!
The benefits of sharing your work on 

At, researchers can narrow down to the specifics within just a few mouse clicks with our academic research ​engine. More importantly, our research engine is merit-based ​(not ad-sponsored).

Perhaps you possess digitized resources that are not well known; ​or ​perhaps you want your content​ to be better known.

If you would like us to lead others to your content​, we specialize in adding:

           Open Access​ ​content ​(​OA) 
           Open Educational Resources (OER)
           Journal articles (particularly peer-reviewed)
           Higher Education resources (thesis, dissertation, research paper, video, audio, MOOC, courses, lectures)
           Rare works (creative commons, out of copyright, public domain)

To add your content, simply follow the four steps below. We will then review your content, and if approved, we will make it available to all our members. Please be assured that we never copy your papers, journal articles or eBooks. We just direct the world to where your material is available free and without charge. Our members - students, professors, researchers and others from around the world - will then have access. ​This is a win-win-win scenario. Share your work with the world!



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Fill in your contents you wish us to link to in our database website.


In submitting these resources contained herein, I hereby authorize Global Research Library Inc. to categorize and include these records in its website database at and I further attest that these articles at the links herein indicated are free and open access without fees or payments required of any kind.


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