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With nearly 100 million records covering over 25,000 specialized subjects in more than 100 languages and growing continually, our "All Subjects" database is comprehensive.  It’s also remarkably easy and efficient to use, essentially bringing the world’s online knowledge to your fingertips.  And once you become a member, you can download 99% of these resources at for free.

Our unique search engine and advanced indexing approach was developed by researchers for researchers, designed to increase the accuracy of results and to shorten the time it takes to achieve them by allowing you to "narrow down" and “zero in” on what you are looking for.

Just as important as the number of records you can access on any search is how long it takes you to find what you’re looking for.  On many search engines even experienced researchers are often slowed down by the sheer bulk of results that can come up.  We have developed a unique Research Search Engine which allows you to find what you want with just a few mouse clicks.  It’s easier, faster and smarter than traditional search engines!

Our system helps you to narrow down to what you’re looking for more quickly from billions of results that could come up on any search.  We’ve developed a unique organizing method that filters out items that regularly “clog up” search results.

What you will find is literally billions of people recorded on our databases incorporating over 33 million books, 9 million maps and 11 million full-text journal articles, with more being added every month.  Many of our sources will be new to you and include millions of records unknown to Google and other search utilities.

Even better, you can literally search any noun, such as “Genealogy”, “Health” or “Sports”, for example, and then refine from intelligent submenus instead of scrolling through pages and pages of results.  Instead of retyping your query with modifiers as you would do with most search engines, you can enter “rooms” within each topic area, allowing you to easily focus your search with increasing precision.

Once you’re a member you can download these resources.  Our membership price of $40 for one full year can only be guaranteed for a limited amount of time!  And rest assured that once you’re enrolled we never “auto-renew” your membership unless you specifically request that option. To become a member just go to Register in our main menu or click the Register button below. 

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