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Public and Private Libraries

As organizations serving both professional searchers and the public at large, libraries are in a unique position to reap the most benefits from our portal gateway to more than 55 million electronic online resources in over 100 languages.  Many of these e-resources, including rare ones we host ourselves, are unknown to other search engines.

We have developed a unique Refined Search Engine allowing professionals or amateurs alike to easily find what they want with just a few mouse clicks, making our service particularly valuable.  And once found, resources can be download free of charge.

Even experienced librarians and professional researchers are often slowed down by the sheer bulk of sometimes billions of results that can come up in online searches. Our unique search engine and advanced indexing approach, developed by researchers for researchers, makes it possible for anyone to zero in to what they’re looking for more quickly.

Searchers can type in any noun whatsoever (such as “Genealogy”, “Health,” “Crafts,” names or place names, etc.) to access over 33 million books, 9 million maps and satellite images, one million patents and inventions and 13,000 journals containing more than 7 million articles on over 25,000 specialized subjects and representing every nationality and country.  

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Our constantly growing network also already includes several billion genealogy records worldwide. Our indexed resources range from ancient writings to articles published within the past few days.

We filter out items that regularly “clog up” search results (such as pornography, hate literature and paid advertisements for example) and have also created a structure that simplifies the process of narrowing down results.  Once a main topic is selected, intelligent submenus help refine the search, allowing anyone to easily focus on results with increasing precision in just a few clicks.

This means even the smallest library can now instantly transform itself into a hub for worldwide knowledge, making it a destination portal within its community.  This resource will appeal to the widest and most diverse range of people in the communities you serve.  And because its efficiency means less wasted time, it allows more of your members or visitors to benefit from it.

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